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3Novices:Sequel On The Way For ‘Zoolander,’ Which, By Accident, Became A Defining 9/11 Film

We’re getting Zoolander 2. The surprise announcement came this morning during a Paris Fashion Week show, with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson making a Valentino runway appearance. The release date is February 12, 2016. I cannot say if original distributor Paramount/Viacom Inc. is involved this go-around, nor speak to any plot or casting details beyond the two male leads. I could make a crack about Christine Taylor (Stiller’s real-life wife) being proclaimed too old to be his love interest this time around, but that’s for another day. February 12 is also the release date of Fox’s Ryan Reynolds-starring Deadpool reboot/sequel/prequel/whatever-uel as well as the Alex Proyas original sci-fi thriller Gods of Egypt courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment. I could make a comment about a seemingly original piece of ambitious sci-fi genre being crowded out by a glorified fan film and a nostalgia-fueled sequel, but that’s a story for another day.


[MommysGirl] Cherie DeVille & Alina West (Never Too Small) [404p][1.3Mbps][.mp4]

[MommysGirl] Cherie DeVille & Alina West (Never Too Small) [404p][1.3Mbps][.mp4]


threejs: optimize vertices and faces

We are using threejs to develop some 3D scenes in WebGL. We often find ourselves with geometries that have vertices in 5/6 figures (say anywhere between 50K to 200K vertices). The thing is these geometries are built using primitive threejs geometries (e.g Spheres and TubeGeometry).
So my question is are there know techniques that can be applied to reduced the number of vertices but still maintaining reasonable quality in geometries? Here are couple of examples geometries as a example.

  1. A merged geometry of 30/35 spheres e.g with THREE.SphereGeometry( 30, 13, 13 );
  2. A grid of TubeGeometries forming cloth like structure. something like the image below:
    =”http://i.stack.imgur.com/2mKIL.png” rel=”nofollow”>cloth

I am hoping threejs (or experts working with 3D engine like Unity) can provide some inputs on ways to reduce vertices on these geometries.