Beef Steak on Spot

So you’re thinking of preparing a delicious meal for that special someone but you’re still undecided. Why not try cooking a beef steak? Steaks can be a romantic dish served with red wine. Just set up a few candles and break out the fancy dishes, and you’ll have that night to remember!
To create the perfect beef steak, you must braise the meat properly. To braise means to cook the meat slowly in liquid for more than an hour until it is tender. Some types of steak are especially tasty when braised. The meat gets meltingly tender, almost to the point of falling apart. When braising a beef steak, season it and cook it in a flavorful broth for best results.

Serve with some asparagus and potatoes, and don’t forget to make a salad to start off the dinner! For better flavor, marinate the beef steaks overnight.

Windows Vista, Lync, older Office versions under attack via new vulnerability


Microsoft warned Tuesday that attackers are actively targeting Windows Vista, as well as Microsoft Office 2003 through 2010, with an attack that would give hackers the same rights as the victim.

Microsoft’s Security Advisory 2896666 warns that Vista, the two Office versions, Windows Server 2008, and all versions of Lync are vulnerable, Microsoft warned in a blog post.

“The exploit requires user interaction as the attack is disguised as an email requesting potential targets to open a specially crafted Word attachment,” Microsoft said. “If the attachment is opened or previewed, it attempts to exploit the vulnerability using a malformed graphics image embedded in the document.  An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could gain the same user rights as the logged-on user.”

Attackers are actively attacking Windows Vista, Microsoft warns.

Attacks are actively occurring in the Middle East and South Asia, Microsoft said.

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Email Mishaps

It’s hard enough when you’re an outsider, but it’s much worse when you’re an outsider and also made to feel like an outcast in a field that is new to you. The first message boards were horrendous and the people on it were the nastiest people I have ever met.

Thunder Way – The Order Executors (youtube rip)

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