IVF is BIG business…part 1

Infertility is one of the most painful experiences a woman will ever go through.  It cuts you to your primal core and you don’t leave without having changed in some way.  I may have had success but it doesn’t feel that way sometimes.  I’m unresolved, as they say.  But for many women in this world, there will never be a pregnancy or a baby shower or even a marriage once IVF has had their way with them.  These bitter, painful stories don’t get much mention in mainstream media or much sympathy, to be honest. How many times has a woman been told to “just adopt” or be happy for what you have? It could be worse, you could be going blind…..oh the comments.  And then the world celebrates the pregnant celebrity at age 50 with their gorgeous boy/girl twins. The words surrogate or donor eggs might be thought but they sure as hell aren’t getting spoken (unless someone outs them – which does tend to happen).  People bemoan the duty of said celebrity to speak about their journey “for the rest of us” but knowing how painful the whole procedure is, I don’t blame them.   So I get it, the public still thinks that they can have babies at 50 (yes, even my friends in their late 40s and early 50s are still on the pill because they are afraid their OH SO FERTILE bodies will get pregnant).  My point is, this isn’t a slam dunk.  Not everyone has success with IVF and you better believe that has plenty to do with the fact that ART is becoming as popular as the big mac.  Nobody wants to talk about the failures sure as our food industry doesn’t want to talk about what is happening to our bodies or to our children (THAT is another blog post for sure).  In IVF/ART land all is well and there is always hope.  Just like Disneyland – you only see what they want you to see – going backstage is a completely different experience (just ask my husband, he worked at Eurodisney straight out of college – I think the analogy is apt – he describes backstage at Disney something out of a correctional facility, by the way).

IVF is such big business because women are delaying their family building plans (for so many reasons from financial to career to plain old “I haven’t met a guy I want to have a telephone conversation with much less marry”.  The changes in our society are making some doctors very wealthy and the whole industry is getting bigger.  Bigger scares me. Bigger should scare you.

When I started this process (I was in the office of an RE two weeks after I got married), I was a doe-eyed, newlywed, an optimistic little thing with big dreams.  Dreams that were born when I was a toddler (thank you, Walt Disney).

In the beautiful offices of my new RE there were hundreds of pictures of babies and books about parenting on every table.  The entire place screamed “here are where your dreams are made”…I quickly formed an attachment with my affable RE that, looking back, was not healthy.  He was fatherly and spoke with authority. He made jokes and made me feel special…I knew that my future family was important to him.  Whatever this man said was like a word straight from the bible. I asked A LOT of questions and he reveled in the attention.  He told me about “this blah blah conference where I spoke on ICSI”..ladidahdidah. I was enthralled.  I took notes.  He also liked reggaeton. He let me peek into his life and I spread mine open for him to examine (figuratively and I guess literally not to be TOOO crass).  After months of “trying” ahead of my wedding, I was now going to escalate the process.  I was 37 when I married and the clock was ticking.  I was making it happen. I remember taking a co-worker with me to the clinic for monitoring and showing her the 8 growing follicles on the monitor – wondering aloud which would be my child or children.  My fear at that point in life was multiples.  I was terrified that I’d be having six children at once.  I never once considered that I would walk out of there empty handed. Like everything else I’d known to be true, I’d be a mother…that was a given, just as I’d go to college and meet a nice man and eventually have a dog and picket fence.  I’d already created my life long before I started living it, it seems.

In this clinic I started to learn a few of my first lessons in infertility and the business of disappointment.  The first lesson, looking back, is that I was an enormous dollar sign. I represented many, many potential dollar bills. They has assessed me – they knew my financials (where we worked, how much my husband made, how much I made) and they knew my desire was strong. They combined financial potential with desire and came up with an equation.  I was worth at least 3 climid cycles, 3 IUS and 7 IVF procedures.  Oh yes, my commitment was strong and I had really amazing insurance and back up cash at that point..  They started me off on Clomid and let one of my follicles reach 28 before triggering me.  28!  The other was around 24.  I started to get annoyed and thus began my studies in Google MD.  The next Clomid cycle was an interesting one.  I got pregnant but nobody gave me progesterone.  My level was a whopping 5 but I had a positive pregnancy.  Not viable, they said.  Quite likely because I was never given progesterone support.  I left that clinic and never went back – far short of their financial plan for me, that much I know.  I had no plan B for the first time in my life.  I vowed to do a bit more research for the next time. It was 2005 so things like vitrification didn’t exist (or if they did, they were not widespread).  PGD was around and things like CGH were but a hope….  My new boss found out that I was struggling and pulled me into his office. At the time I was working as the right hand for the COO of a very large investment bank.  My boss was extraordinarily success at everything but procreation, it seemed.  He gave me a number and a name of a doctor that would help.  His wife was currently pregnant with twins and they had been trying for six years until they went to the name on the paper. I walked out of his office and dialed the number.  Unfortunately they were full and would not be able to see me for six months.  I mentioned my boss’s name and suddenly the doctor was available to meet me that day – he would forego his lunch for me. It was only one lunch, after all.

Future told, my visit would enable him to eat about 20 years worth of lunches.  Yes, 20 years.

And this is just the beginning.

Nintendo Wii U Review for You

The Nintendo Wii U could be a whole totally different ball game once it involves gambling. near to everything has been improved, changed, or swollen in how, largely for the higher. wii video game

The most obvious modification is that the new controller for the Wii U. it’s unbroken straightforward, with the quality d-pad and four buttons with 2 bumpers configuration, we’ve all come back to grasp and love. close to the left and right bumpers ar 2 analogue sticks, which permit for finer motion controls in game mode that the d-pad may ne’er attain.

The touchscreen placed right within the centre of the controller is a motivating addition that works well with several games. If this wasn’t enough, the Wii U controller is additionally full of motion controls that job equally well because the commonplace Wii.

The Wii U is additionally backwards compatible with most of the Wii things. The Wii motes will connect with the Wii U. you’ll play with up to four Wii motes and one Wii U controller, giving the console a replacement grand total of five players right away.

The previous Wii games also are compatible with the new console. you’ll even import on-line and game information from your Wii. currently you do not ought to go back and do the whole game once more, if you stopped within the middle of it!

The new games that ar supported on the Wii U ar glorious. One factor that control the Wii back, was the shortage of specific third-party support. watching the Wii U’s list of accessible games and seeing games like Assassin’s Creed three, Mass impact three, decision of Duty Black Roman deity II and attender Arkham town. I will say that this should not be a haul for this generation of Nintendo consoles.

The games conjointly play astonishingly well, higher than the Wii at any rate. Nintendo did lots with this console, and it’s mirrored within the system specs.

First thing anyone would notice is that the higher graphics that rank right up there with the PS3 and also the Xbox 360. this can be accomplished with a Radeon high-definition GPU associate degreed runs swimmingly due to an IBM multicore processor.

Storage leaves a trifle to be desired but, with solely eight GB internal memory on the quality package. there’s an improved possibility out there at thirty six GB however can value you an additional $50 for the deluxe set.

The rating is one among the consoles weaker areas. On unleash the deluxe Wii U package is $100 costlier than the Wii. this can not kill the Wii U, however it’ll hold it back from completely exploding just like the Wii did.

While Nintendo did not reinvent the wheel with the Wii U, I feel they engineered an excellent system to hold the torch through this generation Combining bits and items from each corner of the market, Nintendo has delivered America a solid system to last successive ten years.

Look At What A Jokester The Flash Is!

When the Flash is bored on set, he likes to joke around with security guards. Even super heroes can have a good sense of humor!

Check out the Hilarious Picture

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Finding New Home Builders With the Traits That You Desire

New home builders are likely popping up all over the country. It is a field that is needed as open areas turn into those that have become subsidized. Because it is common, it is important to use discretion as you choose one.

Making incremental update to a partitioned hive table fast

I have two hive tables T1 and T2. T1 is an external table partitioned by column date1,hour1. It also has another date column called date2 (different from date1).

T2 is a hive table partitioned by date2.

I will get data incrementally every hour, and I can easily add it to table T1 with dynamic partition.

I want an efficient way to select data from T1 and load data incrementally into T2, partitioned by date2.

This is what I am doing now

insert into T2


      select * from T1 where date1="a constant date" and hour1 = "a constant hour"
    ) T1SubQuery
left outer join
    T1SubQuery.idColumn = T2.idColumn
    T2.idColumn is null

I am doing a left outer join and “where T1.idColumn is null” to simulate “where not in”. And I am doing that to avoid duplicate data, the query can run multiple times and I want it to be idempotent.


  1. Which partitions from T2 will be used in this query? How can I minimize the number of partitions used?

  2. What is the most efficient way to do this kind of idempotent incremental data load?