Vectors – Oil Icons Set

Vectors - Oil Icons Set

Vectors – Oil Icons Set
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Sexual Harassment Seen As “Part of the Job” in the Restaurant Industry

Many workers in the restaurant industry experience sexual harassment on a daily basis, but don’t want to report it in fear of repercussions

Governor Cuomo’s decision to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers to $7.50 by 2016 in the state of New York came as a relief to many in the service industry; however, this increase may not relieve the problem of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry, which is something that occurs to 90 percent of female workers according to a national survey administered by the Restaurant Opportunities Centered United (ROC) in October. The problem is that many women fear the negative repercussions that will come from reporting sexual harassment.

ROC is an organization seeking to improve wages and working conditions for those in the industry. “Sexual harassment is any behavior that is unwanted and makes a person uncomfortable of a sexual nature,” Maria Myotte, National Communications Coordinator of ROC, said. While this definition does blanket a large spectrum of harassment, it does not necessarily mean that women who admitted to being harassed in the survey reported it at the time of the incident.

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“The sub-minimum wage perpetuates a culture of sexual harassment, where workers are having to put up with behaviors that might make them uncomfortable, but they fear repercussions if they take action,” Kalpana Krishnamurthy, Policy Director of Forward Together, an organization working to improve culture and policies as a catalyst for social change, said. “And those repercussions include a lower tip, getting worse shifts, or getting fired.”

ROC is focusing on breaking the fear of negative repercussions from reporting sexual harassment. “We have a social media campaign called ‘Not on the Menu’ just to encourage women to start talking about it because it’s so common place in the industry that a lot of female servers and female tipped restaurant workers consider it to be a part of the job,” said Mayotte.

“For me, if someone’s kind of flirting when they give you a tip, you can just smile and walk away…You kind of let things slide for that tip.” Kersten Morgan, a bartender at Dunbar’s in College Town, said.

Morgan said sexual harassment policies were never discussed with her when she started working and while she has never reported an incident, she does fear repercussions that might come from managers and other staff members. “If someone made me feel uncomfortable I’d be like ‘don’t touch me’ or ‘don’t say that to me.’ We should feel comfortable saying that,” Morgan said.

In many states, the tipped wage has been $2.13 since 1991. “Women living off tips in those states were twice as likely to experience sexual harassment than women in states that pay a full minimum wage to all workers,” said Krishnamurthy.

There are currently seven states that pay tipped workers full minimum wage. Other states such as Michigan, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maryland are following New York’s lead and working to raise wages for tipped workers as well, but solving a problem so many see as part of the job will take more than just a pay raise.

FLAWLESS: Kelly Rowland Flaunts Baby Bump & Speaks On Motherhood

Kelly Rowland is flaunting her gorgeous baby bump for ELLE Magazine and sharing her views on motherhood.

Lance Gross shot the nude photo spread and captured the mommy-to-be in all her glowing glory.

Inside, she spilled secrets on how she’s keeping fit and how she plans to handle her bundle of joy once he comes.

“Everybody always tells you to go crazy with food, and you can eat whatever you want. It’s fine to have your cravings but I wanted an easier delivery. All the women that I’ve talked to, that have worked out, have such an easy and speedy delivery. Exercise really helps that. And I like being able to have peaceful sleep at night, though there’s no such thing as that now in the last trimester [laughs]. To be honest, I did modify my exercise routine a bit by just listening to my body. I would tell my trainer [Jeanette Jenkins] ‘This move doesn’t feel right,’ and we’d modify it. I still walk two miles everyday. I still work out. It’s important to me,” she said.

“I love cherry pie and chocolate ice cream with peanut butter mixed in it. And I had a week straight where I was obsessed with nachos. I’ve switched out anything with harsh chemicals. I use nothing but shea butter, pure cocoa butter and coconut oil. It’s amazing how all of those things work so well for my skin. I’m going to continue to just use those after the baby gets here.”

She’s also open to keeping up her work schedule once her baby boy arrives.

“I go in the studio next week! I have a new watch with TW Steel called ‘Canteen’ which is casual, but still stylish. And because I’ve been shopping for this little one, and it’s so hard to find stuff for boys, I’m intrigued to do a children’s line,” she said.

“I just plan to play it by ear. Everybody has their normal. And sometimes, award shows are a part of that. I have girlfriends who have that experience, and they’ll say ‘You know, I just really didn’t want to be without my child today.’ And it’s just that simple. It’s about finding your normal, whatever that may be.”

For now, she’s enjoying her pregnancy curves.

“I don’t know why they would get flack. It’s really—I won’t say amazing—it’s Godmazing [laughs] watching your body carry a human. I took a birthing class and I was amazed by all the things this woman was saying to me about birthing and what the body does naturally. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate that? The body should be celebrated.”

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