How to deal with multiple class ROC analysis in R (pROC package)?

When I use multiclass.roc function in R (pROC package), for instance, I trained a data set by random forest, here is my code:

# randomForest & pROC packages should be installed:
# install.packages(c(randomForest, pROC))
# 3-class in response variable
rf = randomForest(Species~., data = iris, ntree = 100)
# predict(.., type = prob) returns a probability matrix
multiclass.roc(iris$Species, predict(rf, iris, type = prob))

And the result is:

multiclass.roc.default(response = iris$Species, predictor = predict(rf,
iris, type = "prob"))
Data: predict(rf, iris, type = "prob") with 3 levels of iris$Species: setosa,
versicolor, virginica.
Multi-class area under the curve: 0.5142

Is this right? Thanks!!!

“pROC” reference:

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